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Speed does not involve direction. Speed is a scalar quantity.

The speed of a moving object is rarely constant. When people walk, run or travel in a car their speed is constantly changing.

The speed at which a person can walk, run or cycle depends on many factors including:

- age

- terrain

- fitness

- distance travelled.

Typical values may be taken as:

walking ̴ 1.5 m/s

running ̴ 3 m/s

cycling ̴ 6 m/s.

It is not only moving objects that have varying speed. The speed of sound and the speed of the wind also vary.

A typical value for the speed of sound in air is 330 m/s.

Distance Travelled = Speed x Time

distance, s, in metres, m

speed, v, in metres per second, m/s

time, t, in seconds, s



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