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4.1 Cell Biology

In this section are loads of resources to help you with your revision. We have our back to basics sheets, which contain some of the basic information you need when revising this topic. This is a good place to start your revision. We also have booklets that you can fill in as you go through the sections below. This will build up a really comprehensive revision booklet. When you have completed the booklet then you should move over to the classroom and attempt some past paper questions. Good luck!

Back to Basics

Revision Booklet

Quiz Yourself

411 Cell Structure Title Button
Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes Title Button
Animal and Plant Cells Title Button
Cell Specialisation Title Button
Cell Differentiation Title Button
Microscopy Title Button
412 Cell Division Title Button
Chromosomes Title Button
Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Title Button
Stem Cells Title Button
413 Transport in Cells Title Button
Diffusion Title Button
Osmosis Title Button
Active Transport Title Button
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